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Exclusively supporting the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital
and the Hamlin College of Midwives

Wholehearted commitment to women with childbirth injuries, with God's love and compassion
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Archived Newsletters and Pages

Newletters are listed here in reverse chronological order. The first newsletter to have been added to the website was October 2007. Before that date, they were not available in electronic form. Please contact us for earlier newsletters. We hope you enjoy these.
October 2007 January 2013 Archived Special Pages
January 2008 April 2013 Desta Mender Special
April 2008 July 2013 Harar Opening Special
July 2008 October 2013 Time for Celebration
October 2008 January 2014 Golden Jubilee Celebrations
January 2009 April 2014 Alternative Nobel Award
April 2009 July 2014 Brian Hancock Award
July 2009 January 2015 Kalantha's Barefoot Walk
October 2009 April 2015 Tigist Visit
January 2010 July 2015 Kilimanjaro
April 2010 October 2015 Austrian Lady and her Fistula
July 2010 January 2016 Dr Hamlin Ethiopian Citizenship
October 2010 April 2016 Dr Hamlin's 90th Birthday Party
January 2011 July 2016 Ethiopian Embassy Event
April 2011 October 2016  
July 2011 January 2017  
October 2011 April 2017
January 2012 July 2017  
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