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Dr Hamlin receives Honorary Citizenship of Ethiopia

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi vested an honorary citizenship of Ethiopia on Founder and Owner of the Fistula Hospital, Dr Catherine Hamlin in recognition of her outstanding humanitarian services provided to fistula patients.

Prime Minister Meles vested the honorary citizenship at a ceremony held on 26 April 2012 at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Meles said Dr. Hamlin was awarded the citizenship for serving the fistula patients for more than five decades by establishing a fistula hospital in the country. Meles gave an Ethiopian passport and a certificate of honorary citizenship during the ceremony.

He said Dr. Hamlin has been able to rescue thousands of fistula patients which is very much commendable.

Speaking on his part, Health Minister, Dr. Tewdrso Adhanom, said Dr. Hamlin has served Ethiopians for more than 53 years which he said shows her love for Ethiopia.

Speaking on her part, Dr. Hamlin said, "Although I was not born in Ethiopia, I love the country very much."

She said she was very happy to be given the honorary citizenship in recognition of her humanitarian services. 





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