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Wholehearted commitment to women with childbirth injuries, with God's love and compassion
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At the end of June 2015, Dr Hamlin's granddaughters, Cat and Sarah, organised an evening at the London Ethiopian Embassy to raise funds and awareness.  Find out more and see photos on our special page.


Read all about it here.
Closing date for applications has now passed.  Follow the runners via our Twitter feed.
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Read all about Dr Hamlin's wonderful "Birthday Party" in March 2014.  Click here.


Dr Catherine Hamlin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2014

Dr Tedros, the Ethiopian Minister for Foreign Affairs nominated Dr Hamlin for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Although the Prize was awarded elsewhere, it was a great honour to be nominated.  Read the Statement from Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia:

"Dr Hamlin is humbled by the news that Dr Tedros Adhanom, the Ethiopian Minister for Foreign Affairs, has chosen to nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.  It is a great honour and a privilege to be held in such a high esteem by the Minister who has been a great supporter of Dr Hamlin and her work in Ethiopia for many years". Martin Andrews, CEO, HFE


  The UK Trustees were honoured to meet with Dr Hamlin and her son, Richard when she was visiting England in January 2015.  We met at a local restaurant and had a wonderful afternoon together.