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It is a very exciting time for the Fistula Hospital.  Many years have been spent simply operating on the poor unfortunate women, but only in Addis.  Now, at long last, real progress is being made in putting facilities in the outlying regions so that the women can be treated closer to home.  The latest Fistula Centre to be opened is Harar in the eastern and predominantly Muslim area of Ethiopia. 

These photos give a brief overview of the centre and its opening ceremony.  Click on each picture to see a larger image.

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    Harar Fistula Centre Dr Hamlin addressing delegates Photo of Audience at Opening Link to full size photo of ribbon awaiting cutting Link to full size photo of Plaque Link to full size photo of ribbon cutting Link to full size photo of Staff at Harar Centre Link to full size photo of Dr Hamlin and CEO by Plaque Link to full size photo of Tour of Ward Link to full size photo of Lovely Ladies

The Harar Hospitalís opening ceremony was Friday, 9 May 2008. The Hospital began accepting new patients on 1 June 2008. The Hospital has 40 beds.

The opening ceremony featured speeches by Dr. Catherine Hamlin, AAFH Founder; Richard Hamlin; Ato Tekalign Gedamu, AAFH Board Chair and Honorary Member of Fistula Foundation Board; Kassahun Kebede, Fistula Foundation Board Chair; Abaynesh Asrat, Fistula Foundation Board Member and Tesfa Ineste Chair, and Ethiopian Government Officials.

Harar is east of Addis Ababa, closer to the border of Somalia. The Hamlin American Partner Organisation, 'The Fistula Foundation', agreed to pay for the cost of building the centre, providing the equipment needed and then paying for the running costs, once completed.





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