As with all ventures carrying the Hamlin name, the standards are extremely high and other African countries are following the progress and asking to send their own candidates.  Lighting a candle for Africa is truly happening.

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The Hamlins first came to Ethiopia to set up a midwifery school but when they saw the extent of the fistula problems, they dedicated their time and talents to treating the unfortunate victims. Forty years passed before the original dream could begin to come to fruition. In 2007, the College began to take shape and now there are several year's graduates out in remote areas helping women to experience safe antenatel care and delivery.  The College grounds are adjacent to the original Desta Mender site and accommodation in the traditional village style is provided. Read Dr Hamlin's comments in 2013.


The Dean of Midwifery, Ato Zelalem, has already proved his ability and all staff at the college are thankful to have such a capable man in this position.



We have had the opportunity to assess these precious midwives already in the countryside Health Centers and to visit their ante-natal clinics in the Centers to see what equipment they need, as well as to encourage them and to let them know we are behind their work. So far they are within reach of our fistula regional hospitals, so have a referral place to send patients when they need an obstetrician to help - perhaps to do a Caesarean Section for an obstructed labour or a patient needing a blood transfusion etc. It is most important for us to keep in touch with these midwives, so they know they are not forgotten and that we are thankful for their good work! I have visited some of these Centres, some seem very remote to me, and I know the girls appreciate such visits. - Dr Catherine Hamlin

Please enjoy a few photos from a recent visit (2014) to our deployed midwives by a group of Trustees from several international trusts.  The young midwives are working about 45 minutes south of Yirgalem in a Government clinic under the auspices of World Vision.  You can see that it is a happy, light-hearted visit and all parties thoroughly enjoyed the visit.  As the Trustees left, there were 5 women sitting waiting to see the midwives for their ante-natal appointments and it was truly rewarding to see the positive impact our midwives are having.
The Clinic
All the visitors, a College tutor and the driver
The midwives with a USA Trustee
The midwives with Bev Stewart who taught them during their course
The delivery room
The midwives outside their house on the grounds.  This is provided by Hamlin Fistula and includes Sky TV as it is a very remote area