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Wholehearted commitment to women with childbirth injuries, with God's love and compassion
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In Dr Hamlin's words:  "These patients are some of the most needy, unhappy people in the world who have suffered severe childbirth injuries. For most of them, all it takes is a simple surgical procedure to cure them, restore their dignity and give them a new beginning.  Happiness is a cured fistula patient and a clean, dry bed.  It is for such as these that we work."

A patient arriving at the hospital in rags, in a confused and anxious state accompanied by her brother. They have walked many miles - maybe two hundred and are in a sad and filthy state.  Her husband has probably abandoned her. She has been shunned by her friends because of her offensive smell.

She was completely cured within three weeks of admission to the hospital.  This happy smile is our reward.

For our Fistula patients this is "From Rags to Riches" ...

Here in the Hospital gardens is a former fistula patient who returned to us for a Caesarean delivery and now has a lovely healthy little boy. None of this would have been possible without the help of Hamlin Fistula.