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Tigist visits Ireland and the UK

In October 2010, the UK Board of Trustees had the honour of welcoming the new Stoma nurse, Tigist Debebe, for a brief visit to Birmingham.  Tigist replaces Ruth Gaddesa who was the stoma nurse for many years at the hospital in Addis Ababa.  Sister Ruth has now returned to the operating theatre to continue her work there.  Some previous patients were trained as aides by Ruth so that they could assist both her and the new nurse, Tigist. 

Stomas are put in place when a fistula patient can not be completely cured and is still wet.  A stoma is the opening on the abdomen to which the urostomy bag or colostomy bag is attached.  It is an area requiring skill, understanding and compassion.

Tigist attended a training course in Hollister, Ireland to improve her skills.  After the course, she visited the Trustees in Birmingham and had three very enjoyable days.  One of the Trustees was fortunate to be able to take her to a "day at the Cheltenham races", which was something Tigist would never have encountered before.  She had a marvellous time and enjoyed every minute.  You can see her here in the photo below snapping away with her camera.  Needless to say, she made a very favourable impression with her stunning Ethiopian dress and traditional hairstyle.


Several of the UK Trustees were able to gather for coffee one evening to meet Tigist and learn more about her work and impressions of the British Isles.  A very enjoyable time was had by all.




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