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We Celebrate 50 Golden Years Supporting the Hamlin Dream

On October 20, 2018, the UK Trust was 50 years old.  We are very proud of our association with this wonderful hospital and all it stands for.  The achievements of the Hamlins and their organisation are truly outstanding and recognized throughout the world.  All of this has been achieved through the doctors' amazing dedication and the financial help of supporters around the world.  It is a place where poor, desperate women can come and receive both physical and mental treatment totally free of charge.  You, the supporters, can be very proud of what you have enabled. 

To mark the occasion, we held a party in a local church where we firstly heard speakers who had made a contribution both in the past and in the present (please see the Newsletter for fuller details) and secondly, we then had a glorious buffet lunch for everyone.  There were displays round the room showing our activities and a timeline of our 50 year history. 

We were fortunate to have two members of the hospital staff with us who appeared in their beautiful Ethiopian "Sunday best" and were definitely the stars of the show. 

A thoroughy enjoyable day was had by all.  Enjoy our collection of photos taken on the day

Malcolm Hewitt, our Chairman addressing the audience  
The Buffet Lunch Trustee Jean Hadley, Zelalem, Dean of Midwifery College and Zenebe
the Hospital Chaplain
Supporters enjoying lunch Trustees Bev, Ross and Micky
CEO Laurence Parkes and Malcolm with supporters enjoying lunch Supporters with our Ethiopian Friends