Her healing starts with your kindness

A Comfort Pack is the start of a woman’s return to health, to connection and community and to the life she deserves.

Thanks to people like you, women like Bekelu can heal from traumatic childbirth injuries and return home with health and dignity.

The moment I arrived I felt a big relief of my pain. The beautiful compound, the motherly welcome. This new blanket is a sign for my cure.

Bekelu, Hamlin Fistula patient

YOU can play a vital role

Your gift of a Comfort Pack shows that you care deeply for a woman suffering from a traumatic childbirth injury.

Every woman arriving at a Hamlin fistula hospital for treatment receives a Comfort Pack. It includes a beautiful Hamlin blanket, lovingly made by a volunteer. When a woman like Bekelu wraps it around her shoulders, she feels your warm embrace.

The Comfort Pack also includes hygiene items so a woman can keep herself clean, sometimes for the first time in years. Many women live in rural areas with water in short supply, so they can’t wash often.

A clean new nightgown and slippers are utter luxuries for the many women who arrive without shoes, wearing the only stained clothes they own.

Your gift today will also fund a lovely homecoming dress, so a woman like Bekelu returns to her community looking and feeling like the new person she’s become.

I’d like to donate a Comfort Pack today

I was in agony for two days during childbirth. Then I was left with this devastating problem [fistula] and started living with stress and poverty. 


YOU can help another woman today!

I’d like to donate a Comfort Pack today
You can be there for women as they heal from the trauma of childbirth injury.

YOU can be there for women like Bekelu as they heal from the trauma of obstetric fistula


You’ll wrap them up in the love they’ve been shut out from


You’ll support them through their life-changing surgery

Ladies hugging

You’ll help them return home with confidence and pride

For more than 65 years, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia has brought healing and hope to women in Ethiopia.

93% of women suffering obstructed labour lose their baby. Your gift today could help them heal.
About 1,000 new fistula cases occur every year.
Over 70,000 women have received life-restoring treatment.
Please donate today
I’d like to donate a Comfort Pack today