Will you help us find and treat every last woman with childbirth injuries in Ethiopia?

The 23rd of May is International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, a day to raise awareness of this devastating but entirely preventable childbirth injury caused by an obstructed labour. Fistula impacts the lives of tens of thousands of women in Ethiopia.

These women are hiding away; ashamed, isolated and in pain, unaware of the simple surgery that could cure them. 

They can be cured. But first, they must be found.

Can you donate today to help us find these hidden women and get them the treatment that will transform their lives?

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These women have suffered horrors no one should go through. They’ve endured an agonisingly prolonged labour, the heartbreak of losing a baby and finally, a debilitating childbirth injury. Incontinent, in pain and humiliated, they are shunned by their communities. So they hide away and live in isolation, not knowing that help is available.

They’ve suffered so much. Will you help us find these women trapped in the trauma of fistula, unaware that a cure is possible?

Your generosity supports Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s teams of Patient Identification Officers who go from door to door in the remotest communities in Ethiopia, searching for women suffering from these horrendous childbirth injuries.

Thanks to your support of their tireless efforts, women like Hawwa are found, treated and restored to the life they deserve.

Hawwa longed to be a mother. But despite being pregnant several times, none of her babies survived. 

Added to her anguish, complications in Hawwa’s first pregnancy caused an obstetric fistula, a hole in her birth canal that left her incontinent of urine. 

I feared people would abandon me because of the stench. I felt ashamed. I couldn’t walk with friends, I couldn’t have a child, I have no one. I lost all my life. The pain is unbearable.

I did not know there was a cure for my condition. I lived all my life hoping for a cure. I simply stayed home waiting for a miracle to happen to me.

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That ‘miracle’ came in the form of Tolera, a Patient Identification Officer with the Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia team.  Tolera found Hawwa through her local health service and accompanied her to Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, where she was wrapped in warmth, compassion and new hope. 

At the hospital they received me like a family. They showered me and gave me clothes and shoes. I received all the support I wish I had in my home and my community.”


Thanks to the donations of our generous supporters, Hawwa received free-of-charge surgery. She is now ready to return home and begin her life anew.

The care and treatment I got from this hospital are beyond my imagination. I am cured now, the urine has stopped leaking. Everything has changed for the better. 

When I go home I will freely visit my friends, work any job to support my life, and be able to start my life again.


Donate to help us find and treat more women like Hawwa

Your donations support the Hamlin team to locate more hidden women like Hawwa so they can start their journey back to health and independence.

The funds raised from our International Day to End Obstetric Fistula Appeal will be used to support our services to find, treat and care for women with childbirth injuries in Ethiopia. 

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