Her healing starts with your kindness

You have just done something amazing!

Today, you have wrapped more women in loving care and started their journey back to health, self-worth and connection.

Thanks to you, more women will rejoin the world with dignity and confidence – even after decades of isolation. You have shown that people on the other side of the world care for them ❤️.

You are helping women return home with confidence and pride

Abebech left Hamlin’s Yirgalem Fistula Hospital wearing a homecoming dress, healed, empowered and ready to rebuild her life.

I used to be depressed but now I am so happy and free. I want to raise animals and make a living. I will show people who abandoned me that I can change my life for the better.


Your donation will help more women like Abebech break through decades of isolation and start anew.

Thanks to you, they will know how it feels to be wrapped in loving care.

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