They’ve already lost so much. Will you donate to give women in northern Ethiopia the life-changing treatment they desperately need?

An obstetric fistula is one of the worst things a woman can go through. Now imagine going through it during a civil war.

Hamlin’s Mekele Fistula Hospital in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, was forced to close while conflict took hold in the region for two years, until the end of 2022. 

Pregnant women fled their homes and were left without maternal healthcare. They had no choice but to give birth without medical assistance. Many suffered horrific childbirth injuries, including obstetric fistula.

The Hamlin Mekele Fistula Hospital has reopened its doors but the backlog of patients who desperately need surgery is overwhelming. The hospital must urgently replace expired and damaged medical supplies to meet the demand. Hamlin-supported rural maternal health centres in the region have also suffered damage, pictured below.    


Will you donate to help women like Selam get the surgery they need?

Pregnant Selam and her family had to flee their home during the fighting in Tigray and has been displaced ever since. With the hospital closed and no available medical assistance, she endured an excruciating obstructed labour that lasted two days and finally delivered a stillborn baby. Adding to her anguish, Selam suffered an obstetric fistula that left her incontinent. 

When  Mekele Fistula Hospital reopened, Selam could finally seek life-changing treatment for her debilitating injury.

But there are still so many women who need our help. Your donation can pave the way for recovery for more women in dire need like Selam, helping them rebuild their lives.

Please help us treat the countless women waiting to start their journey back to health.

Your donation will ensure safe surgeries for the many women who have already waited too long to be pain-free.